1st Annual Iced Tea Festival At Heritage Hall July 19, 2015

10 Jul

IcedTea2BenEarwickerWell it’s summer and having a refreshing drink close at hand is certainly front and center on our minds these days. So this upcoming event caught our eye.  On Sunday, July 19th Tea Sparrow is hosting the 1st Annual Iced Tea Festival at the Heritage Hall. As many know, tea has been gaining in popularity in recent years for many reasons including the many touted health benefits.  At the upcoming Iced Tea Festival, you will have the opportunity to sample and score 16 different iced loose leaf teas from Germany, Canada and the U.S.A.  Co-Founder of Tea Sparrow Michael Menashy says “This is going to be an incredibly exciting and interactive event. Where else do you get to try every tea on display, score card it, and have your opinions help shape and change the flavour of the industry?”   The 1st Annual Iced Tea Festival takes place at the Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street on Sunday, July 19th and gets underway at 11:00 am and goes till 6:00 pm.  Tickets are available in advance – 2 for $10 for adults or $10 each at the door and children under 12 are free. To purchase your tickets in advance, visit Tea Sparrow or check out their Facebook page for updates about the upcoming festival.

Photo Credit: Ben Earwicker

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