Collisions Between Art & Science At Café Deux Soleils August 19

12 Aug

Art&ScienceYou are invited to Untold Stories of Collisions Between Art + Science hosted by Curiosity Collider on Wednesday, August 19th.  What is Curiosity Collider? It is a grassroots organization that is an inclusive community hub for curious innovators from any discipline. Their aim is to foster participatory partnerships between science and technology, art and culture, business communities and educational foundations to inspire new ways to experience science.  Their intention is to be a catalyst for collaborations that seed and grow engaging science communication projects. On August 19th, they will be hosting a Pecha Kucha-esque show in which each speaker will provide a show and tell for approximately 7 minutes. The speakers they have lined up for their next event include:

  • Emily Smith, Textile Artist. Learning with fibre.
  • Graham With, Brewmaster at Parallel 49 Brewing Company. Science with senses – the science of brewing.
  • Laura Ulrich, Biological illustrator/animator in training. Finding a balance between art, science and sharing knowledge.
  • Omar Dominguez, Sustainability and Community Development Professional. How our city shapes emotions.
  • RC Weslowski, Poet. Who will discuss how to find meaning in nonsense.
  • Wayne Maddison, Biologist at UBC which discuss the evolution of music.

“Creating Curiosity – come meet curious people, and explore new ways to experience science together.”

You are invited to come out and learn how curiosity can lead to creativity and innovation. Collide with and meet other curious people so you can explore new ways to experience science together.  The event takes place at Café Deux Soleils, 2096 Commercial Drive, on Wednesday, August 19th and gets under way at 8:00 pm doors open at 7:30 pm. Cost is $6.00 at the door.  For more information, you can email Curiosity Collider directly at  You can also follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @ccollider.  What makes you curious?

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