Foto Friday – East Vancouver Street Art

29 Jan


ILiveInEastVanApril202013 328On this Foto Friday, we would like to share with you our love of art. In East Van we are surrounded by talent in many different mediums and we find ourselves often in awe of the collective raw talent in this part of the Vancouver.  Today we share with you some of our first photos that inspired this site which are the many faces of street art around East Vancouver. One holds a special place for us as it was defaced a couple of years ago. We pay homage to the artist, by keeping it alive and well as the main photo in our Twitter feed and we share it here today (pictured above) along with a number of others that have inspired us.  If you’d like to share your photos of East Van, drop us a line at


ILiveInEastVanApril202013 687 ILiveInEastVanApril202013 685ILiveInEastVanApril202013 731


ILiveInEastVanApril202013 736

ILiveInEastVanApril202013 729

ILiveInEastVanApril202013 726

ILiveInEastVanApril202013 291

ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 018 ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 019 ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 033 ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 034

ILiveInEastVanMAY2013 298ILiveInEastVanApril202013 740

ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 010ILiveInEastVanPics-Feb16Murals 009






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