Update On International Jazz Festival In East Van – Tangent Cafe & Now The Roma

13 Jun

JazzDoubleBassThe Vancouver  International Jazz Festival kicks off June 24th and continues to  July 3rd in and around Vancouver. The festival is now in its 31st year and features an array of artists from Canada and around the world.  There are 300 performances during the course of the festival that take place at various venues around the City.   East Van’s Tangent Café located at 2095 Commercial Drive regularly features live jazz music and for this year’s jazz festival, will have a steady line up of talent to showcase. We’ve set out their schedule below along with the start times. There is a $10 cover charge for all of these shows.

June 24 – Two Much Guitar!
June 25 – Steve Kaldestad Trio
June 26 – Nobuki Takamen Trio
June 29 – Autobahn
June 30 – Victor Noriega Quartet
July 2 – Anger Management
July 3- Meghan Gilhespy Quartet

Another venue that was scheduled to be showcasing some jazz, that being The Libra Room, has closed unexpectedly until mid-July. We’ve heard The Roma on Commercial Drive has taken on their line up for the jazz festival.  We’ve set out the previously scheduled line up below. Note, due to change in the venue there could be some slight changes.  For a full rundown of events happening around the City, visit Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

June 24 – The Paris Trio
June 25 – The Grand Trio

June 26 – Deanna Knight and the Hot Club of Mars 7 pm
June 26 – Mostly Marley  9 pm

June 27 – Monks’ Dream 7 pm
June. 27 – Alvaro Rojas 9 pm

June 28 – Bruno Solo Piano  5 pm
June 28 – Alvaro Rojas Trio 9 pm

June 29 – Jon Roper 7 pm
June 29 – Zak Youssef  9 pm

June 30 – Hot Club of Mars 7 pm
June 30 – Tim Sars Band 8 pm

July 1 – Bruno Piano Trio +1  7 pm
July 1 – Jay Leonard Jautco 8 pm

July 2 – Winston Minkler Band 7 pm
July 2 – Alma Chevere  9 pm

July 3 – Los Duendes Latin Band

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