Fundraiser At Stateside Craft August 15th for Pediatric Transplant Research

2 Aug

Addison.jpgYou are invited to Stateside Craft on Monday, August 15th for a burger, fries and refreshment of your choice, being beer, wine or a highball.  This event is hosted by Sheena & Adam Lee, Elaine Yong and Aaron McArthur. The inspiration for this event is a lovely girl named Addison who had a heart transplant at 3 weeks old. Addison recently celebrated her 5th birthday or ‘heart-iversary’ and is doing well.  The facts are that the long-term survival rate for transplant receipts is only 50% at 10 years.  There is more awareness in recent years of organ donors and the need for them, but that is only part of the equation.  Research is needed to ensure transplant recipients lead long and healthy lives. All of the funds raised on August 15th go directly towards the great work BC scientists are doing in this area.  There are 175 tickets to be sold at only $25 for such a great cause.  Kids are welcome to join you.  Did we mention, there will be a raffle with some great prizes on hand?  You are asked to RSVP by registering for free through the Eventbrite page and organizers will contact you with details on how you can pay for your ticket. If  payment is collected through Eventbrite, there is of course a fee. They would like to see every penny go to transplant research. Come out and support this worthwhile cause.

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