Foto Friday– 14th Annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival

23 Sep

lantern20166In case you missed it, last Saturday was the 14th Annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival which was put on by the Still Moon Arts Society and over 200 volunteers. The event kicked off with a Harvest Fair from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. After that, a Twilight Walk took place over to Renfrew Park with lanterns dotted along the path as well as the labyrinth with an array of candles laid out on the ground and a choir on hand.  Once you arrived at Renfrew Park, there was an amazing array of lanterns throughout the ravine. All paths and walkways were lit with candles and/or lanterns of varying sizes and lanterns, salmon of course being a big theme.  We were lucky to catch a few songs by the Vancouver Youth Choir in the ravine which was surrounded by candles and lanterns. It was quite something to experience.  Once outside of the ravine, you were treated to live music, a final performance which included fire dancing, stilt walking and fireworks. Although we didn’t capture pictures of everything, we did manage to capture photos of many of the lanterns and a few other things.  We hope you enjoy them and keep an eye out for next year’s event. 

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