New In Town – Lullaby Stork Brings Memorable Gift For Your New Arrival

14 Nov

storkWe love finding the unique, different and creative things people are doing in and around East Vancouver. This brings us to our latest find. We’d like to introduce you to a new business brought to you by the one and only Deanna Knight. Some of you may know her as the gypsy-jazz chanteuse of the Hot Club of Mars for the last 15 years. They have been a regular staple in various live music venues on Commercial Drive.  In her newest incarnation, Deanna has created a wonderful new service for new parents called Lullaby Stork. It is a musical messenger service in which Deanna arrives as Lullaby Stork in full costume and delivers a blessing in song and poetry to new parents.  Your gift also comes with a Wee Blessing Bundle delivered to the new parents which contains an assortment of Canadian eco crafted gift items. Some of the items include cookies by Cookiella, Chewelery by Stardust Generation, coconut oil soap by Kootenay Soap Co., bamboo wash cloths, bibs and blankets. The base price for the Lullaby Stork to appear is $150, a little more than the Tooth Fairy, but what an amazing memory and experience for those new tired parents just finding their way with their bundle(s) of joy. To order your Lullaby  Stork, you can contact Deanna directly at 604.362.1280. 

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