‘Little Red Riding Hood’ An East Van Panto At The York Theatre November 23rd to December 31

16 Nov

eastvanpantoThis December, we invite you to make some time for a bit of fun and check out the East Van Panto: Little Red Riding Hood Now in its 4th year, this production is brought to you by the creative minds at Theatre Replacement. The show will be playing at the York Theatre from November 23rd to December 31st. For those not familiar with the term panto, by definition a Panto (another name for Pantomime) is a tradition of holiday musical comedy theatre. Pantomime takes a familiar fairy tale, in this year’s case, Little Red Riding Hood and injects music, contemporary references and (best of all) audience participation to create raucous, noisy entertainment that is fun for all ages. In this year’s East Van Panto, Little Red Riding Hood will be bombing down the Adanac bike trail to deliver a basket of goodies to her sweet little granny. In easy path in theory right?  Well this IS the East Van Panto. Little Red Riding Hood will have to battle a few things along the way like some bike thieves along with some distracted drivers and, of course, The Big Bad Wolf. Will there be a murder of crows in her path? Or maybe it will be the Three Little Pigs. Well you will have to come out and find out and cheer her on.  During the show, expect  just a few (or well maybe many) East Van references that will be sure to make you laugh. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the musical talents of Veda Hille who will be on hand for the first week after that Benjamin Elliott of Are We Cool Now? fame will be performing Veda’s signature tunes.    The East Van Panto is open to all ages 5 and up. Tickets start at $20, family packs are available which include 4 tickets for $120.  Note, all seats for ages 18 and under are $20.  Tickets are available at The Cultch either in person, by phone or online. The shows run begins November 23d at 7:00 pm and continues till December 31st. For those looking for a matinee, there are many 2:00 pm shows. For more information on tickets and performances, visit The Cultch. See you there! eastvanpantotimmatheson

Photo Credit: Tim Matheson

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