Premiere of Web Series – The Dangers Of Online Dating

6 Dec

DOODContributing writer, Nicole Alivojvodic recently checked out the premiere of the new web series The Dangers of Online Dating.  No matter where you live, East Side or West Side, this applies to us all and this show is funny! Here’s what Nicole has to say about this new series:

Five years in the making, award-winning filmmaker Brianne Nord-Stewart launches her web series The Dangers of Online Dating, which follows a young sexual health nurse stumbling through the world of online dating in a hilarious and relatable way. The launch party, held at Vancouver’s historic Penthouse Nightclub, screened the first two seasons in full, had a question and answer period with the cast and creator and a contest for prizes like no other.

The first season began filming in 2012, shortly before the online dating game made the transition from taboo to “everybody’s doing it”. However, while the technology and the stigma have changed, the actual experience of dating online has evidently not. The web series covers all the common online dating fails and more: everything from crazy tattoos to misleading profiles to getting ghosted. It also showcases Nurse Paula’s relatable blunders as she searches for love online, whether she’s sending 1 (or 10) texts too many, licking her hot yoga teacher or trying to steal her French lover’s pee, this series will have you cracking up and covering your eyes in horror at the oh so relatable struggle.

To watch the first episode and subscribe visit The Dangers of Online Dating You Tube ChannelThe Dangers of Online Dating launched on YouTube on November 23. A new  episode will be released each week.

By Contributing Writer Nicole Alivojovdic

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