Scout, a Porti-Doodle Rescued by the BC SPCA from the Langley 66 Puppy Mill, Inspires the Inception of Scouter Wear

13 Nov

ScouterWearLogoWith the upcoming market season, we will be featuring some local makers and artists heading into the holiday season. Those that follow us regularly know we are big on supporting local.  Today we would like to introduce you to a local maker Scouter Wear ‘Dog Gear for Dog Lovers’. Scouter Wear is a company started by Jill Bartlett that creates quality, water-resistant dog coats, hand-knit dog sweaters, ergonomic dog harnesses and dog accessories. This business was inspired by a dog that came from the BC SPCA. A partnership with the BC SPCA has been a driving mission for Scouter Wear since its inception. Founder Jill Bartlett wanted to give back to the organization that was so instrumental in bringing this business to life. The Company name and logo incorporate Jill Bartlett’s Porti-Doodle, Scout, one of 66 animals seized on February 4, 2016, in Langley, BC. At the time, it was the largest puppy mill seizure in BC’s history, now known as the “Langley 66”. Jill Bartlett and her husband, Mike Hancock, watched news stories in horror as images of abused dogs crossed their TV screen. They decided then and there, they wanted to adopt one of these dogs. After a rigorous screening process, they were invited to view a group of 12-week old puppies that were available for adoption. On arriving, they were ambushed by a sea of 10-pound puppies all clamouring for attention. One of them, a black Porti-Doodle named “No Collar”, captured their hearts and went home with them that day and became Scout, the namesake of the company. They are blessed to have this sweet-natured dog in their lives, so full of playful antics and an unwavering enthusiasm. Jill Bartlett says;

On that adoption day, I made the decision that I wanted to give back to the BC SPCA. Scouter Wear was launched in part as a way to give back to this organization that has given us so much joy”.

Scouter Wear is now an official supporter of the BC SPCA. Scouter Wear contributes 5% percent of its sale proceeds to the BC SPCA. Locally, you can find Scouter Wear products at Spa Dog, 3471 Commercial Street and the Pet Parlour, 3457 Cambie Street as well their website at which, of course, is available 24/7. If you wish to check them out in person, you can find them at Deeley’s Day For The Animals on April 27th. This is a great event featuring many amazing animal rescue organizations and related businesses.


2 Responses to “Scout, a Porti-Doodle Rescued by the BC SPCA from the Langley 66 Puppy Mill, Inspires the Inception of Scouter Wear”

  1. Jill Bartlett November 13, 2018 at 10:21 am #

    Thank you so much for featuring us! We so appreciate it. Really looking forward to our upcoming markets and the opportunity to give lots of money to the BCSPCA in appreciation for all they have done for our sweet little Scout!

  2. Gabriel Marsh October 19, 2021 at 9:45 am #

    Heello mate great blog post

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