Bell Let’s Talk: Now More Than Ever Every Action Counts

28 Jan

The pandemic has cast a new light on mental health. Many know it is an issue, but for so many isolated from their support system during COVID-19, mental health has come home literally. People are struggling for many different reasons, each has their own personal story. No two people are the same nor are their coping mechanisms, but YOU can be part of the action that makes a difference. It’s that call to a friend to check in, it’s checking on that senior neighbour that lives alone, saying hello and acknowledging that person you pass by. This year more than ever, every action counts. What will you do today?

Do you need help? Visit Bell Let’s Talk which has a great list of resources.

One Response to “Bell Let’s Talk: Now More Than Ever Every Action Counts”

  1. Perpetua January 28, 2021 at 5:51 pm #

    Today, I am checking everyone in WordPress to promote Bell Let’s Talk Day. I live in Burnaby and I love East Van.

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