Vintage Treasures At Eastside Flea

10 Mar

If vintage treasures are what you seek, whether it’s clothing, records or other collectibles, the Eastside Flea is the place to find them.  It’s first day out of the gate yesterday was a busy one. The place was full of items and people with a gathering outside in front of the Varinicey Pakoras offering veggie pakoras that smelled delicious.   There were many treasures tucked away inside including many handmade goods with a modern twist. For those that missed the opportunity to go, here is a sneak peak in pictures of what you missed.

ILiveInEastVanMarch2013 159ILiveInEastVanMarch2013 158ILiveInEastVanMarch2013 151ILiveInEastVanMarch2013 147ILiveInEastVanMarch2013 150ILiveInEastVanMarch2013 153ILiveInEastVanMarch2013 155ILiveInEastVanMarch2013 156


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