Broken Sex Doll At The York Theatre November 12th-22nd

6 Nov

BrokenSexDollTheCultchIf you missed the hilarious sci-fi musical comedy at The Cultch last year, you really missed one hell of a show. You are in luck though, you get another chance to see this show at The York Theatre starting on November 12th.  Broken Sex Doll is set in 2136 when an ordinary man wakes up from a routine implant upgrade surgery, he discovers he has unexpected sensory skills and a crush on his mysterious nurse, Ginger. After ‘uploading’ an intimate encounter for an amateur “feelie” contest, he becomes the next big star in the world’s bizarre sex industry, only to discover love in the most unexpected place. Broken Sex Doll is a wild ride in the world of advanced technology, moral degradation and, of course, love.  Tickets for Broken Sex Doll start at $19 and are available from The Cultch. The show runs until November 22nd.  Come on out and see for yourself why this is one wild ride, you won’t be disappointed.


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