Rescue Me: Hyde Is A Siamese Cross & Kitty Comedian Looking For His Forever Home

14 Feb

HydeSPCAWelcome to the next installment of Rescue Me in which we feature pets waiting for adoption at the Vancouver SPCA. Today we would like to introduce you to Hyde.  Hyde is a young adult Siamese Cross that is a  bundle of energy and lots of fun.  The Vancouver SPCA is seeking an active guardian for this cool cat. Hyde was found in someone’s backyard shed where he had been taking up residence for a week or so. He is a very exuberant young cat and needs plenty of stimulation and activity to keep him feeling entertained. His friends at the Vancouver SPCA think he will bore easily so his new home should be spacious and his owners should be home often. This boy loves to play and is quite fine with being the life of the party. Note Hyde does crave outdoor access and his friends at the Vancouver SPCA have been working on harness training with him and he is loving it! In typical Siamese fashion Hyde is bold, chatty, hilarious, and cuddly. This boy has loads of purrsonality and would make a great kitty comedian.  We are thinking possible YouTube star material here!  If you think you could give this boy a forever home, the Vancouver SPCA Shelter, 1205 East 7th Avenue would love to hear from you. Stop by for a visit anytime. If you would like more information about Hyde, contact the Vancouver SPCA. You can reach them by telephone at 604-879-7721 or by email at

While we have your attention, the BC SPCA has this month kicked off their Million Acts of Kindness Campaign in which they encourage kind acts towards all animals. Their aim is reach their goal of 1,000,000 acts of kindness in one year’s time. The idea is that each time you carry out one of their featured acts or post one of your own, you are making your community a safer and more humane place for animals. One of their suggested actions, is simply sharing  information about a pet waiting for adoption.  So we invite to participate in the Million Acts of Kindness Campaign and share Hyde’s story so he can find his forever home.

UPDATED March 5, 2015 – Hyde has found his forever home.

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