Shiny Fuzzy Muddy At The Heritage Hall December 12 & 13

4 Dec

ShinyFuzzyMuddyShiny Fuzzy Muddy is back at the beautiful historic Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, December 12 & 13. This collaborative event is brought to you by 4 core members and local makers, Janna Hurtzig, Kari Woo, Arleigh Wood and Frances Dickinson. They formed a non-profit collective to create events that bring art to people.  Shiny Fuzzy Muddy brings together 25 local artists to meet and share their craftsmanship in an environment that opposes the large mass produced products.   They hand pick the artists that join them each year so you can expect some returning favourites as well as some new guest artists that will be exhibiting their work. This year you will find jewellery, ceramics, fine art, clothing, textiles from local artists including Toodlebunny, Arleigh Wood, Julie MacKinnon Ceramics, Westerly Shoes, LUprints, Daub & Design, Adhesif Clothing Company and kari woo contemporary art jewellery, flight path designs to be name but a few.   Shiny Fuzzy Muddy runs Saturday, December 12th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday, December 13th from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Admission is $2.00 and these funds will go to an Emerging Artists Scholarship. To learn more, visit Shiny Fuzzy Muddy.

Arleigh Wood Abel Cape Adhesif FW 15 (2)WesterlyMainStreet (2)dahlhaus03_highres (2)

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