Havana Restaurant Partners With The Cultch

15 Jan

Havana2Havana Restaurant is an amazing delicious spot located at 1212 Commercial Drive. There is a bit of Old Havana in Cuba at this eclectic spot.  Havana is also a great supporter of local arts whether it’s their own theatre in the back or the area next to the theatre showcasing local art. Whether you come for lunch, brunch or dinner, the place is always hopping and we might add has amazing food and drinks. Added bonus is the outdoor patio which is packed a good portion of the year.  Now there is one more reason to stop at Havana for a bite. They have just announced a great partnership with The Cultch.  Havana is offering 15% off your food purchases on any evening you attend a performance at The Cultch. If you didn’t already know, Havana is located just a short walk from The Cultch. So really it’s a perfect spot to stop before or after the show.   As we regularly attend events at The Cultch, you can bet you will be finding us here before a show. Just remember, you will need to show your ticket.

HavanaAppie HavanaDrink

Photo Credit: Havana Restaurant

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