Tremors – Festival Featuring Emerging Talent August 11-20, 2016

28 Jul

Tremors2016In 2007, Rumble Theatre created the Tremors Festival which was originally a two week run of plays created by emerging companies. In 2014, they devised a new model for this festival which focused on providing mentorship to individual emerging artists rather than emerging companies. Tremors is now a vehicle for emerging artists to build networks, receive professional mentorship, develop their craft and work on exciting plays. Each show is directed, designed, stage managed, and performed by a company of emerging artists working with the guidance of professional mentors. Rumble Theatre is thrilled to present their 2016 edition of Tremors. They’ve selected three outstanding scripts specifically Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spiegel, Better Angels: A Parable by Andrea Scott, and Bull by Mike Bartlett along with an assembly of emerging artists to direct, design and perform each show. For two weeks, these three plays will be performed simultaneously in different rooms of the Italian Cultural Centre.  They are saying it’s “like a Cineplex of theatre…with a bar!” and we quite like the sound of that.

Dry Land by Ruby Rae SpiegelAnais West and Shauna Griffin in Dry Land.jpg

Ester is a swimmer trying to stay afloat. Amy is curled up on the locker room floor. Dry Land dives into the lives of two teen girls and explores what happens in one high school locker room after everybody’s left.

Britney Buren in Better Angels.jpgBetter Angels: A Parable by Andrea Scott

Akosua moves from Ghana to Canada for a better life and finds a special kind of hell tailored just for her. Think slavery is over? Think again, as liars get caught in their own webs.


Adam Olgui and Lucy McNulty in Bull.JPGBull by Mike Bartlett

Audiences get ringside seats as three coworkers fight to keep their jobs. Brutal and hard-hitting, Bull is an unflinching look at a toxic corporate culture from which no one escapes unscathed

Dry Land begins its evening performance at 7:00 pm/9:15 pm, Better Angels at 7:15 pm/9:00 pm and Bull at 7:30 pm/9:30 pm.   Matinees for each show are Dry Land 1:00 pm, Better Angels at 1:15 pm and Bull at 1:30 pm. Ticket prices are $10 for matinees, $15 for evening shows. Best deal is 2 shows for $25. To purchase your tickets visit ArtsPoints.

Photo Credit: Tim Matheson.

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