Foto Friday – Everett Crowley Park Then And Now

18 Mar

EverettCrowlyParkThis Saturday, March 19th is Earth Hour from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm in an effort to conserve energy for one day globally. Earth Day is Friday, April 22nd and each year volunteers host an Earth Day event in Everett Crowley Park which includes planting trees. If you are not familiar with this park in SE Vancouver at the intersection of SE Marine Drive & Kerr Street, it was once a dump.  It is now an off leash dog park with many beautiful walking trails.  If you haven’t walked through this park, you may wish to take a wander.  There are a number of hidden gems within.  This park has been reborn with the work of many dedicated volunteers over the years.  So in honour of the upcoming Earth Hour, we thought we would feature a few photos of Everett Crowley before it was a dump, during and after. Earth Hour and Earth Day are meant to foster and celebrate environmental respect, action and behaviour change that lessens our impact on the earth. Will you make a change?







And this is what it looks like now  ….

EverettCrowleyNow EverettCrowleyNow2 EverettCrowleyNow3EverettCrowleyNow4

If you missed the tree decorating at Christmas within the park, it’s pretty cool. There are tributes to dogs that are no longer with us, but enjoyed the surroundings. It’s a great little oasis and community gathering spot tucked away in the midst of the City. Definitely worth a visit.

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