Vancouver’s 1st Pop Up Record Shop & Party March 31st

28 Mar

VinylRecordFairIn case you haven’t heard the news, record albums have made a resurgence in the last few years. I still have a personal collection stashed away with my first purchase ‘back in the day’ being Supertramp’s Breakfast in America’. An absolute classic of an album. Others tucked away in that box include Pat Benatar and The Cars both played at full volume and often. For those of a younger generation, this was in the days before everyone had a personal set of headphones and iPods.  If you played music on high volume, everyone in the house heard it.  Of course, hanging around listening to records with your friends as a group was a regular event. Not quite the solo endeavor it seems to be more now with the inception of iPods and smartphones.  There is an upcoming event that seeks to revive that passion for music and bringing people together who share a passion for albums and music. It’s called Vinyl, Art & Leisure and takes place March 31st from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at 1965 Main Street.  This event will also include art, records sales and/or swapping, affordable drinks, some DJs and well, of course, music.  Who knows what you might find.  Could be that album you’ve always been looking for and to attend, it’s free.

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