New In Town: Gift-A-Green – The Greeting Card That Grows

4 Aug

Postcard-mini_2048x2048It’s been a little while since we’ve featured a new business in East Van and we recently came across something we loved.  It’s called Gift-A-Green and it’s another great thing to come out of the creative space that is the MakerLabs. Cam Auge and Bryan Kinney have based their business in Strathcona and are single handedly bringing “LIFE” back to the greeting card industry.  What is “Gift-A-Green”?  It’s much like a postcard, but it’s actually a pouch with seeds for micro-greens which grow in the pouch itself. And yes, it’s edible, that is the point. Once you’ve purchased the pouch, you just write your personal message to the recipient, their name and address, affix a stamp and pop in the mail.  For the receiver of the Gift-A-Green, you just tear along the dotted line, remove the small bag filled with seeds and add water to it, place the pouch in a sunny location and watch the microgreens grow.  They should be ready to eat in about 14 days time.  The greetings currently come in 5 themes including Thank You, Congratulations, I Love You, Thinking Of You and Happy Birthday. All the seeds are locally sourced and non GMO.  You can purchase their greeting cards online for $9.95 for a single Gift-A-Green or all 5 messages for $45.95. You can also find these unique greeting cards locally at KimPrints in Gastown, Benny’s Market at 598 Union Street, MakerLabs Store, also Vancouver Special at 3612 Main Street, Walrus, Vancouver Art Gallery, Indigo and Garden Works.  You can bet we will be watching this young company grow and we hear via the grapevine they will be featured on the upcoming season of Dragons’ Den that starts this September.  In the meantime, we invite you to check out their very cool informative website.

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