The Uncommon Café Offers Basic Choux Pastry & Basic Canning Classes

8 Aug

ChouxPastryTartineMapleOur friends at The Uncommon Café, 477 Powell Street, have lined up some more fun classes this August. The classes are led by Valentine Kitamura owner of Tartine Maple.   Valentine was born and raised in France and is a chef that has worked in hotels in Paris, Singapore, New Orleans and Toronto.  She now works with The Uncommon Café, a commissary and café located just across the street from Oppenheimer Park. This great spot now has a lot of great company with Ed’s Daily, The Heatley and The MacKenzie Room just minutes away. We’ve set out below the classes they have lined up this August which are a bit shorter, 2 hours, so you can maximize your time outdoors.

Basic Choux Pastry –  August 10th 6-8 pm

This is one of their most popular classes in which you learn to make basic choux pastry. Although this class is a bit shorter, you will still learn the basics of making cream puffs and eclairs. You will also get to pipe your own pastries, fill and decorate them, before taking everything home to devour.  The cost of this class is $50 per person, but if you book one week in advance, you save 15%.  You can book your spot online via Eventbrite.

Basic Canning – Keep Summer In The Jar – August 17th 6-8 pm

This is a new class that will introduce you to the basic techniques of canning.  With all the summer fruit that’s now on hand, this is certainly a way to keep some of those summer flavours handy.  This is a demonstration class and Valentine will show you how to make blackberry jam and as well as dill pickles.  She will also talk about how to can fruits, salsa, pate so you leave with some great tips to work with at home.The cost of this class is also $50 per person, and again if you book one week in advance, you save 15%.   You can book your spot online via Eventbrite. Canning

If you haven’t already checked out their classes, we encourage to pop down and give them a try.

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