rEvolver Festival Is Back At The Cultch May 22 – June 2, 2019

7 May

RevolverFestival2019Upintheair Theatre brings the rEvolver Festival back to The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street, from May 22nd to June 2nd. The festival brings a wide variety of contemporary theatre from emerging companies and artists. A few that caught our eye include:

Lady Parts – May 22-25, 2019

This 80 minute sketch combines personal stories, video interviews along with some special guests.  Lady Parts pays homage to the struggles of gender and has a little fun with feminism.  The reviews are lining up well this is one to see.

Surveil – May 23-26, 2019

This comedy is all about being watched. The production will delve into the world of modern surveillance and show you first hand all the ways the world is watching us. Some ways you may already know, but some you may not.

Perfect Strangers May 24-26, 2019

This is most certainly theatre transformed. You are invited to participate (not watch) Perfect Strangers.  Starting from The Cultch, you will participate in a 90 minute walking tour which is also part platonic bind date as well as social experiment.  This is a quirky experiment in which you are paired up with people to walk through a neighbourhood and consider how you perceive strangers and talk with others who you might not otherwise talk to. The walk goes rain or shine, so dress for the weather.  A 30 minute reception follows after the tour. The aim of this production is to spark empathy between people who might not otherwise meet. Come alone and you just might leave with a new friend.

For tickets to these productions, or to see the full line up for the rEvolver Festival, visit The Cultch.

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