PNE Pumpkin Promenade November 1 At Hastings Park: Food Waste Diversion Project

29 Oct

PNEPumpkinPromenadeWhat do you do with your pumpkin after Halloween? There is of course composting, a very good option, but there is another option this year. The PNE is doing something very cool that reduces waste, does something positive for the environment and animals and is fun. On Friday, November 1st between 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm you are invited to bring your pumpkin(s) to a FREE PNE PUMPKIN PROMENADE at the Hastings Park Sports Court. All the pumpkins will be lit up and put on display. After the event, volunteers for Pumpkins For Pigs will round up all the pumpkins which will be delivered to local farms and made into treats for animals as part of a Food Waste Diversion Project. Tim Horton’s Kaslo will have hot chocolate and snacks on hand, but you are asked to bring your own cup.

NOTE: Pumpkins should not have black markings. If they do, you are asked to remove it with rubbing alcohol. All candles and dripped waxed must be removed prior to the event. Organizers will provide flameless candles.

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