RESCUE ME: Lenny 4 Year Old Tabby Looking For His Forever Home

10 May

LennyWelcome to the next installment of Rescue Me in which we feature pets waiting for adoption at the Vancouver SPCA. Today we would like to introduce you to a lovely boy named Lenny.  Lenny is a 4 year old male tabby that came to the Vancouver BC SPCA as a stray through the Maple Ridge branch.  Although he had permanent ID and they were able to track his owner, he had been missing for a whole year!!  Due to this length of time missing, his previous owners felt it was best that Lenny stay with the BC SPCA so they could find him a more suitable home.  No one is really sure what or where he was for that year, but when found, he had FAD (flea allergy dermatitis) which they’ve treated and his hair is growing in nicely.  Lenny, as you can see from the pic, is a rather handsome boy. As for diet, he does need to remain on a Hypoallergenic diet. Lenny is extremely head shy and does appreciate a safe distance while getting to know people. He does startle easy on hearing loud noises as well as sudden movements, so a home with no children is important. The BC SPCA is working on desensitizing him to touch and creating positive experiences with him, but he will need a dedicated and cat savvy guardian to continue this with him. Lenny had spent some time at the recent satellite adoption center “Catfe” but he found it to be too stressful, so his friends at the BC SPCA say he should be the only cat in the home. Lenny is very playful, loves to chase his toys and loves to play with water. Thus, turn on a tap, he will keep you amused for a long time!  If you think you could give this handsome boy a forever home, the Vancouver SPCA Shelter would love to hear from you. You can find him at 1205 East 7th Avenue or by telephone at 604-879-7721 or by email at

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