Knifewear Pop Up Shop May 1 – July 31 At 845 East Hastings Street

11 May

KnifeWearLesAmisMelWooIf you love to cook, or know someone that does, then we suggest you make your way down to the Knifewear Pop Up Shop at 845 East Hastings Street. This pop up shop is now on until July 31st in the great space next to les amis du fromage in Strathcona. We recently popped in as they were getting set up on their first day and the place was packed!  What’s in store is an amazing selection of handmade Japanese knives which are yes, ‘scary sharp’ and oh so beautiful to boot.  Everyone working in the store is an ex-chef, so they can answer a whole host of questions and provide some advice on what knives work best for your personal needs. There are some other items on hand in store such as beautiful cutting boards made of Larch wood.  If you need knives sharpened, bring them down and watch it first hand. Of course, if stop in at Knifewear, we do recommend you also stop in next door at les amis du fromage and check out the amazing selection of cheeses. Outside of their cheese selection, they also have a delicious selection of gourmet frozen foods, giftware, cutting boards, crackers, olive oils and much more. And if the idea hasn’t already crossed your mind, you could easily pop in and throw together just about everything you need for a picnic.  If you wish to learn more about Knifewear and what makes their knives so you unique, we invite you to check out their website or pop by their Pop Up Shop on till July 31st.

KnifeWearMelWoo KnifeWearMelWoo2 KnifeWearMelWooSharpeningKnifeWearMelWoo3

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