Gourmet Warehouse Cooking Classes Heading Into BBQ Season

4 May

GourmetWarehouseLogoThe Gourmet Warehouse has a great line up of cooking classes leading up to the summer months including the very popular Flavours of Vietnam. This cooking class sold out in a heart beat when first offered earlier this year. So if you missed it then, now’s your chance to sign up.  Some of the other classes coming up include a Sushi Workshop, Thai Summer and Summer Grilling.  Attending one of these classes, is certainly a fun way to spend an afternoon. Of course, there is always shopping after the cooking class as participants are offered a 10% discount for purchases made the day of your class. For a full line up of all the classes Gourmet Warehouse is offering visit Cooking Classes. We have set out a sampling of some of the delicious classes they have lined up:

Sushi Workshop – Saturday, June 6th 11:00 am ($69)

Chef Cindy Low will take you through this hands on workshop and teach you how to make the vinegared sushi rice, mix wasabi, prepare a variety of fillings. You will also learn how to master sushi rolls, cones and other styles and shapes. Cindy will also pass on some tips on a hosting a do-it-yourself sushi party.  The items that Cindy will be making include:

•           California rolls (crab, avocado, cucumber, rolled “inside out”)
•           Futomaki (thick roll with vegetables, omelet, pickled vegetables)
•           Hoso maki (thin rolls with various fillings)
•           Inari sushi (stuffed tofu pouches)
•           Temaki (cones with various fillings)
•           Onigiri (rice triangles)
•           Miso soup with tofu

Summer Grilling & Fresh Summer Salads – Sunday, June 28th ($59)

Now for something on the wild side, we hear that wild meat and game is the fastest growing segment of protein in the supermarkets in North America. For this cooking class, national cooking show host, Chef Garry Steel, of “Wild for the Weekend,” will introduce you to some wild meat and game dishes. Some of the dishes that Chef Garry Steel will be introducing you to include:

•        Wild Boar Chops – make your own grilling rub and seasoning for  grilling
•        Ostrich Burgers – stuffed with stone fruit chutney
•        Alligator Tagine – give your BBQ a special zing with a Moroccan flavor
•        Watermelon Pepper Salad – a savoury spicy fresh summer salad
•        Coconut Tomato Pepper Salad

Flavours of Vietnam – Saturday, July 11th 11:00 am ($59)

Chef Cindy Low will introduce you to Vietnamese cuisine which is one of Southeast Asia’s best kept secrets. The emphasis will be on fresh Asian herbs and vegetables as well as bright seasonings that translate into refreshing, healthy and light cuisine. The dishes she will be making include:

•    Vietnamese salad rolls with prawns, served with a spicy mango dipping sauce
•    Shaking beef with arugula, served banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) style
•    Chicken pho
•    Stir-fried seasonal Asian greens
•    Homemade Vietnamese carrot and daikon pickles
•    Vietnamese coffee ice cream

Thai Summer –  Saturday, July 18th 11:00 am ($59)

Love Thai food? Well Chef Cindy Low will introduce you to the perfect Thai summer menu. You will learn why Thai cookery is one of Asia’s most diverse and complex cuisines. Some of the Thai dishes she will help you add to your repertoire this summer include:

•      Thai salad with tree-ripened papaya, organic greens, toasted coconut, cashews, chili-lime dressing
•      Thai pork sliders – Thai-seasoned mini-burgers with sweet chili aioli
•      Chiang Mai noodles, prawns and Asian greens in a light coconut broth
•      Stir-fried chicken with Thai basil, bell peppers, chili
•      Thai red cargo rice
•      Lychee ice cream

If you are interested in any of the cooking classes, be sure to register early to avoid disappointment, classes do sell out. Bon Appetit!

2 Responses to “Gourmet Warehouse Cooking Classes Heading Into BBQ Season”

  1. John Payzant September 6, 2015 at 12:49 pm #

    Gary Steel on Fanny Keifer show on Shaw 4 ‘Wild For the Weekend’ Gourmet Wharehouse mentions about Portuguese Chorizo recipe from John’s Meat now closed but someone still makes it. Where can I get it used to but it from John’s Meat.

    • createveinvan September 7, 2015 at 3:22 pm #

      I would suggest calling Gourmet Warehouse directly. Their staff is pretty knowledgeable about all things food.

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